Skill On Net Limited, who operates in Portugal under the brand Bacana Play, is the newest member of the Portuguese association of online betting and gambling (APAJO). APAJO represents the online gambling industry, and its members are operators duly licenced at national level, that are now joined by this multinacional company which launched in the .pt universe on late 2020.

“Bacana Play joining APAJO is another important step towards the online betting and gambling industry working together in the continuous improvement of its standards and on the discussion around the best directions for the future. We are very happy to welcome Bacana Play and sure that they’ll make a good contribution to the association”, stated Ricardo Domingues, President of APAJO.

Pedro Garcia, Country Manager da Bacana Play stated: “BacanaPlay, our brand in Portugal, has a clear commitment towards the Portuguese Market and its players. By participating in APAJO, we want to keep reinforcing this dedication and give a step further in what we believe is sustainable growth. Our responsibility is to keep offering the best experience to the Portuguese audience. We have more than 20 years of experience in over 16 countries. We want to bring this expertise to APAJO, and we believe that with the remaining associates, we can create a strong team that works for the safety of our industry by promoting Responsible Gambling.”

Since its onset in 2018, APAJO has represented the online betting and gambling industry in Portugal, seeking to contribute to its progress, not only in relation to the best practices but also in the indispensable effort to absorb the demand from the Portuguese consumer base, in order to channelize online gambling to the safe environment of the regulated market. In this context, APAJO has worked both internally and with other stakeholders, from the scientific community to the political and regulatory bodies, and including the wider Portuguese economical fabric.